Meerapfel Meir Masterblend Churchill

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SKU: 120062/1
  • Country of Produce: Dominican Republic
  • Cigar Size: Churchill
  • Length: 178mm (7″)
  • Ring Gauge: 47
  • Body: Medium
  • Filler: (undisclosed)
  • Binder: (undisclosed)
  • Wrapper: Cameroon

The production of Meir Masterblend cigars in the Churchill format, like all Meerapfel cigars, is intentionally limited to 613 boxes annually. These exclusive cigars can only be obtained through select partners within the premium cigar industry worldwide.

This particular cigar series pays homage to Meir Meerapfel, the founder of the Meerapfel cigar factory in Untergrombach, located northeast of Stuttgart and close to the French border, back in 1876. For nearly 150 years, the Meerapfel family meticulously hand-rolled cigars at the factory until it was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War. Consequently, the cigars vanished from the market. However, the Meerapfel family had already established a global reputation as experts in sourcing and preserving Cameroon tobacco leaves, a rarity that they helped safeguard from disappearing.

The new Meerapfel cigars possess a striking allure. The company aimed to create a cigar that would rival the prestige of brands like Bugatti or Panerai. The cigar bands are remarkably intricate, meticulously designed by a Belgian lacemaker and crafted in the Netherlands. These elaborate patterns beautifully enhance the appearance of the Cameroon leaf. The bands and boxes themselves are painstakingly handmade, utilising sustainable and lightweight wood materials.

As for the specific tobacco blend used in the Meir line, Meerapfel keeps it a closely guarded secret. The wrapper leaf for these cigars originates from Cameroon, while the cigars are expertly rolled in the Dominican Republic. The tobacco leaves employed in this series undergo a substantial aging process, with Jeremiah Meerapfel, the current owner, considering 20-year-old tobacco to be the standard.