Yiorgos is the Managing Director of James J. Fox. Originally from Greece, Yiorgos is an avid cigar enthusiast that has drifted in the world of Irish Whiskey when he joined James J. Fox. Yiorgos' go-to cigar is a Partagas Serie D No.4, washed down with a glass of Teeling Brabazon, but he also appreciates cigars with some – or lots of – age


Stephen is our Store Manager.


Daniel is a seasoned mixed martial artist, and as such, he is a perfect fit for our complaints department. The one thing he enjoys more than a well-executed rear-naked choke is a glass of Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish, paired with a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2.


If there's one thing Patrick is more passionate about than cigars, it'll be music. He's a talented saxophonist and, if you hear jazz playing on our shop floor, you can be sure that he's on the day's roster!


Pete is our e-commerce manager. He usually stays in his dungeon office and takes care of the website, making sure that your online order is processed and shipped out as quickly as possible. If you contact us by email or via social media, he's the most likely person to get back to you – and you shouldn't wait long, he types over 70 words per minute! With all that writing, it's no surprise he's partial to a glass of Writers' Tears Double Oak.


Amy joined the team in 2021, originally as a Sales Advisor. Since then, she has taken over as our Assistant E-Commerce Manager, working closely with Pete to ensure our online operations work smoothly. She’s both a whiskey lover and a seasoned archer – if there’s one thing she loves more than a day spent shooting with her recurve bow, it’s relaxing with a double measure of Powers Johns Lane!


Ewelina is in charge of the accounts in James J. Fox. Make no mistake, if your account is not up to date, she will come after you – without that lovely smile! Ewelina is a gin fanatic and Conncullin Gin is her favourite.