Meet The Team

James J. Fox Dublin is a small team, joined by our passion for the products we work with, and dedication to providing the best possible service to our customers and visitors.

Managing Director


Yiorgos, our fearless leader and managing director, hails from the land of Zeus and souvlaki. Legend has it that when he set foot on the Irish shores, the whiskey gods embraced him, and he discovered a passion that flowed through his veins like an ancient elixir. Now, he navigates the business realm with the wisdom of Dionysus and the smoky charisma of a cigar aficionado, leaving us all wondering if he's secretly plotting a merger between the Pantheon and the world of spirits.

Store Manager


Stephen, our store manager, is a whiskey-loving maestro whose musical journey in Edinburgh hit a high note when he discovered that the key to his heart was actually a barrel-aged symphony of flavours.

Retail Manager


Paul, our retail manager, is the wine aficionado known as "The Nose" because he can sniff out the grape variety of a bottle of wine faster than a Spanish flamenco dancer can stomp. While he dreams of owning a vineyard in the sunny south of Spain, Paul's love for Scotch whiskey proves that he's not just chasing grapes, but also the smooth spirit of adventure in every glass.

Sales Advisor


Daniel is a seasoned mixed martial artist, and as such, he is a perfect fit for our complaints department. The one thing he enjoys more than a well-executed rear-naked choke is a glass of Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish, paired with a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2.

Sales Advisor


If there's one thing Patrick is more passionate about than cigars, it'll be music. He's a talented saxophonist and, if you hear jazz playing on our shop floor, you can be sure that he's on the day's roster!

Sales Advisor


Bobby, the gentle giant with a heart of gold, is a master at rocking out to music concerts while simultaneously chasing Pokemon like a graceful, whiskey-loving ninja. With his love for anime and Irish whiskey, Bobby has achieved the perfect blend of geeky sophistication and spirited adventures that can only be described as "whiskeymon!"

Sales Advisor


Jamie, the medieval history enthusiast, can often be found wandering through castles, gleefully exclaiming "lovely stuff"™ at every suit of armour and tapestry he encounters. When he's not time-traveling in his mind, Jamie indulges in the smoky allure of peated whiskey and has recently taken up cigars, proving that he's the modern-day knight of both taste and eccentricity.

Sales Advisor


Dáire, the aspiring lawyer with a taste for adventure, whiskey, cigars, and snuff, is like a charming time traveller caught between the worlds of law and leisure. With a pint of Guinness as his trusty sidekick, and a legal brief as his secret weapon, he fearlessly tackles courtroom battles and football debates alike, leaving us all wondering if he'll someday merge the two by cross-examining referees during halftime.

Sales Advisor


Steph, the whiskey whisperer who once graced the halls of Powerscourt Distillery, is now venturing into the smoky world of cigars, all in the name of expanding her expertise in both areas, and achieving her lifelong dream of creating her own whiskey. Catch her mastering the art of pairing fine whiskey with the perfect cigar, turning every tasting session into a symphony of flavour and laughter. She's the blend of knowledge and humour you never knew you needed in your quest for liquid gold and aromatic delights.

E-Commerce Manager


Pete, our e-commerce manager, is the Usain Bolt of typing, leaving a trail of smouldering keyboards in his wake. With fingers that move faster than a caffeinated hummingbird, he fearlessly leads our e-commerce department, ensuring every product listing gets the royal treatment while simultaneously inspiring envy from the Flash himself. Just be careful not to challenge him to a typing race unless you want to witness a typographical supernova that'll make your fingers scream for mercy!

Sales Executive


Amy, the whirlwind sales executive, possesses a unique blend of fiery energy and boundless enthusiasm. With a quiver of arrows at her side and a glass of whiskey in hand, she fearlessly hits targets and happy hour conversations with equal precision. When she's not dominating in archery or spouting facts about Co. Meath, you can find Amy effortlessly multitasking, while talking non-stop, leaving us all wondering if she's secretly mastered the art of inhaling words between breaths.



Lainey, our e-commerce pick packer extraordinaire, is a gift-wrapping guru with hands that move faster than a hyperactive squirrel on a caffeine binge. With a magical touch and an eye for aesthetics, she effortlessly turns every order into a work of art, complete with flawless ribbons that could make even Santa's elves envious. If you ever need proof that efficiency and beauty can coexist, just watch Lainey pack orders faster than the speed of light while sprinkling a touch of whimsy into every box, leaving customers wondering if they accidentally stumbled upon an e-commerce wonderland.

Accountant / Credit Control


Ewelina, our enchanting guardian of accounts, wears a smile so lovely that it could charm the numbers off a balance sheet. With a passion for gin, she knows the perfect equation for a delightful adventure: a splash of juniper spirit, a pinch of wanderlust, and a generous serving of outdoor escapades. But beware, for behind that sunny grin lies a formidable force: if your account is not up-to-date, that smile could vanish faster than a disappearing expense report.