The Irishman The Harvest

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SKU: 310629
  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Blend
  • ABV: 40%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl

Previously known as Founder’s Reserve, this is a truly unique take on traditional Irish whiskey. Triple distilled, Single Malt and Single Pot Still. Crafted from a mash bill made entirely of barley, the full-bodied flavour of our signature whiskey comes from the unique marriage of Single Pot Still spice and Single Malt smoothness. This is a marriage of heavenly proportions. The original signature blend created by Bernard Walsh. One of the highest, if not the highest, Single Malt proportions in any blended Irish Whiskey to date. Matured entirely in American Oak Bourbon barrels.

The Harvest is a time of great celebration in rural Ireland, a time to celebrate the end of the growing season and begin the start of our whiskey’s journey. Luscious, golden barley, collected from the fields, is taken to embark on its voyage to distillation.

Tasting notes:
Nose: Breathe deeply and gently first, and under the nose you’ll get a spiciness, then peach. To you that might be peach sherbet, maybe peach iced tea, or even a bite of ripe, fresh fruit. Whatever you get it’s all light, all smooth.

Palate: Now you’re ready to sip. A woody, oaky, crème caramel taste - like a delicious chewy toffee. That’s the malt and pot still influence, before the bourbon cask maturation brings the whiskey into its own. You’ll feel it mellow like a super-soft wave of smooth butterscotch. But the oak and pot still spice is still there, carrying you away happily with it.

Finish: Everlasting finish with oak and butterscotch. Lingers for what seems like an eternity!