Adorini Triest M Rosewood Deluxe Cigar Humidor

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  • Dimensions: 29x24x12 cm (external)
  • Cigar Count: ca. 50-75 cigars

Cigars shown in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only – the humidor does not come with cigars.

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Adorini has been manufacturing humidors that combine usefulness, style, and cutting-edge humidor technology into a single dynamic humidification experience since 1999. Adorini humidors are a popular choice among dedicated cigar connoisseurs all around the world. They are one-of-a-kind designs that will safeguard and preserve your cigars while also improving your décor. A prime example is the Triest Deluxe humidor.

With an attractive multi-lacquered rosewood finish and an exquisite gold-plated lock that will protect uninvited hands from delving into your precious cigars, this well-made humidor attracts attention. The lid opens easily thanks to sturdy hand-polished 24K gold-plated quadrant hinges that will last for a long time. A quick check inside reveals adorini's innovative RibTech system of ventilation ribs, which improves air circulation throughout the humidor to ensure each of the humidor's up to 75 Corona-size cigars receives optimal climate management. The humidity is controlled by adorini's deluxe gold-plated acrylic polymer humidifier, which can be adjusted to your preferred humidity level with adjustable ventilation apertures.

Adorini has loaded the Triest Deluxe humidor with other popular features, including two vertical and two horizontal dividers, which help to separate and better organize your cigars. Divider label clips are also included so you can label and keep track of each divided section. Another example of the Adorini design team’s creativity is a metal plate hidden behind the cedar veneer on the underside of the lid. This serves as a mounting plate for magnets attached to the humidifier, as well as an included pre-calibrated analog hygrometer that provides for a quick and easy glance at the current relative humidity.

The Triest Deluxe humidor is a well-built and tastefully ornamented humidor that will provide high-quality cigar storage for years to come, from the finishing touch of a protecting felt bottom to Adorini's famed lifetime warranty. It has a capacity of up to 75 corona cigars.