Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo

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  • Country of Produce: Cuba
  • Spirit Type: Rum
  • ABV: 40%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl
  • Distillery: Ronera Central

Aged for 18 years under the expert guidance of Rum Maestro Cesar Marti, this rum vision boasts a rich amber hue, showcasing exceptional clarity and transparency. Its deep, dark color not only invites a sense of intimacy and connection but also beckons us into the enigmatic world of the unknown.

The aroma, both light and robust, possesses a pronounced intensity that is harmoniously balanced and wonderfully complex. Subtle wood notes intertwine with fresh and fruity fragrances, resulting in a symphony of scents born from the extended maturation process in carefully selected oak barrels overseen by the Master.

Upon tasting, this rum reveals itself as soft, velvety, and exquisitely delicate. Its enduring finish lingers on the palate, conjuring the enchantment of blending matured eaux-de-vie and rums, all while retaining the inherent strength and complexity of the original molasses flavours.