Redacted Naggin 20 Year Old Single Grain (Cooley)

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  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Single Grain
  • ABV: 56.5%
  • Bottle Volume: 20cl
  • Distillery: Cooley

This naggin is a 20 year old single grain Irish whiskey distilled by the Cooley Distillery in Co. Louth. Redacted Independent Bottlers then took that long-aged grain and finished it to embrace the sweet flavours of Barolo wine.

While this whiskey naggin was captive in the embrace of Barolo's finest Italian wine casks, it underwent a metamorphosis. Throughout the autumn and summer, the makers tasted it, making sure the magic was taking place because it had to be perfect. What happened was a merging of the rich traditions of Cooley's distilling prowess with the passion of Italian winemaking, causing a symphony of flavour.

This result is a dance between the fruity elegance of Barolo and the velvety warmth of the Irish nectar.