Midleton Dair Ghaelach Kilranelagh Wood - Tree 1

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  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Single Pot Still
  • ABV: 57%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl
  • Distillery: Midleton

“Dair Ghaelach” means quite simply, Irish Oak.

Introducing the fifth chapter of the Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach series—Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kilranelagh Wood. Once again, the rarity of Midleton Very Rare meets the luxury of Irish oak to bring you an exceptional offering from the pinnacle of Irish whiskey.

Tasting notes:
Nose: Forest notes of fresh pine accompanied by floral honey and ground pepper at first, while sweet and tropical fruits can be detected amongst the herbal green tea and freshly mown hay. The use of the native Irish oak lends itself to creating distinctive aromas of smoked almonds with sweet vanilla and cinnamon that are complimented by the pot still savoury spices.

Palate: Robust and lively at first with notes of dried chilli flakes and red bell peppers which quickly soften, allowing notes of candied orange and crisp red apple to shine through. The oak continues to deliver sweet vanilla and cinnamon spice throughout, while the pot still spices add a hearty and full-bodied nature to this complex and intricate whiskey.

Finish: Wonderfully long finish which sees the pot still spices and oak linger, almost effortlessly, for an age.