Xikar Humistore Crystal Humidifier - 50 Cigars

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XIKAR® crystal humidifiers perfectly maintain the specified number of cigars at 70% Humidity. Simply unwrap, fill with XIKAR PG solution (or equivalent) and place the humidifier in your humidor and it's working.

  • Maintains up to 50 cigars in a volume of 500 cubic inches at 70%
  • Slow, steady release to maintain 70% humidity
  • Safe, effective, and very easy to use
  • Fill with our pre-mixed PG solution
  • Clear polycarbonate cases house crystal gel saturating 450 times their weight with XIKAR PG solution (or equivalent)!
  • Magnet attachment system holds the unit firmly under the lid of your humidor.
  • 2 1/4in. across, 1/2in. thick