JJ Corry 'The Founders' Vatted Malt

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  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Blend
  • ABV: 46%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl

A special release, timed with the International Women's Day 2024, which came to be as a collaboration between two women-founders of their respective distilleries – Louise McGuane from J.J. Corry and Jennifer Nickerson from Tipperary Boutique Distillery.

To celebrate the women of Irish whiskey, Louise and Jennifer came up with a collaboration idea, called The Founders – a co-release that brings together sherry-aged malts from J.J. Corry’s Flavour Library and home grown spirits matured in Rioja oak casks from Tipperary Boutique Distillery.

It is really a very enjoyable, complex whiskey that compares very favourably with other single malts and vatted malts that are available. The vatting of the two malts has created a whiskey that is better than the malts individually and it deserves to be appreciated.

Only 132 bottles of this special release with the JJ Corry label (and another 132 with a Tipperary label – listed here).

    Tasting notes:
    Nose: Opens with sweet summer fruits then behind come darker berries and plums a hint of liquorice. With water, the sweeter notes are reduced and more savoury notes come to the fore.

    Palate: Toffee, pears plums, dates, some almonds and a hint of liquorice. With water, toffee apples, almonds, sponge cake and plum jam. A hint of sherbet too.

    Finish: Long finish with the heavier plums and dark berries lingering. With water, the flavours linger.