Adorini Neptun Cigar Cutter

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A double-blade cutter with razor-sharp blades "Made in Solingen". The German town Solingen is renowned all over the word for their expertise in producing some of the best blades. The blades of this cutter are made of highest grade steel also used for surgical knives and have been polished by hand by an experienced grinder in Solingen.

Experience an extremely clean and smooth cut of your cigars. No squeezing of your cigars during the cut.

  • The blades have been hardened to a value of 57 on the Rockwell scale.
  • The cutters fits also for larger cigars of ring gauge up to 52.
  • This elegant cutter has an excellent feel in your hand and permits a perfectly controlled smooth cut.
  • A spring mechanism prevents unintentional opening of the cutter.