Adorini Double Cigar Punch With Keyring

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  • Adorini cigar punch cutter made of stainless steel
  • Solingen quality blades
  • Rod for pushing out leftover tobacco
  • Includes a key ring

Solingen, Germany is known for the high quality and sharpness of its blades, which have been manufactured there for decades. Solingen is also known as the City of Blades, where the craft of blade-making is treated so seriously that it's been safeguarded via legislation, according to Cigar Aficionado. For their adorini Double Cigar Punch, adorini went to this historic hub of blade craft.

This key-chained punch cutter is ideal for on-the-go cigar smokers, providing all the adaptability and convenience required for a stress-free cigar smoking experience. The cutter has two razor-sharp stainless-steel Solingen blades with diameters of 7 mm and 13 mm for maximum cutting power regardless of cigar size. Cutting is simple and quick. Simply insert the blade with a little twisting motion of the cigar and marvel at the smooth, precise cut that results! Then, just as simply, insert the cap with an integrated rod back into the cutter to remove tobacco plugs and replace the covers, which are kept firmly in place by incredibly strong magnets when not in use to safeguard the blades.