Meet The Team


Yiorgos is the Managing Director of James Fox. Originally from Greece, Yiorgos is an avid cigar enthusiast that has drifted in the world of Irish Whiskey when he joined James Fox. Yiorgos' go-to cigar is a Partagas Serie D No.4, washed down with a glass of Teeling Brabazon, but he also appreciates cigars with some – or lots of – age.


Kazik, is always happy to impart his knowledge of fine cigars and premium whiskeys, and even happier when the aromas of both are wafting by his nose. He is a dedicated snuff taker and our in-house undisputed champion of snuff blind tasting. His favourite whiskey is no other than the 17-year-old Irishman.


Originally from Venezuela, Randy is our in-house Spanish speaker and full-time charmer. He has a soft spot for Carribean rums and his (impartial) drink of choice is a Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, accompanied by a Bolivar Belicoso Fino.


Úna has spent years studying political science, but it was only when she joined the team that she realised all the world's problems can be solved through whiskey. She loves cycling and enjoys the 12-year-old Redbreast (never at the same time, though!).


Tim was born and raised in the shadows of the D.E. Williams distillery, the home of Tullamore Dew. A keen photographer, Tim can tell you how to grow your own tobacco and make your own potcheen, just don't ask him how he knows that! His drink of choice is the Tullamore DEW, paired with a Ramon Allones Specially Selected.


Ewelina is in charge of the accounts in James Fox. Make no mistake, if your account is not up to date, she will come after you – without that lovely smile! Ewelina is a gin fanatic and Mór Irish Gin is her favourite, mixed with some premium Indian tonic water and fresh berries.


Pete usually stays in his dungeon office and takes care of the website, making sure that your online order is processed and shipped out as quickly as possible. If you contact us by email or via social media, he's the most likely person to get back to you – and you shouldn't wait long, he types over 70 words per minute! Favourite whiskey? West Cork 10 Year Old Single Malt, neat.