Savinelli Menta Smooth 412

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  • Material & Finish: Briar, Smooth
  • Filter: 9mm
  • Mouthpiece: Fishtail
  • Length: 150mm
  • Bowl Height: 51mm
  • Bowl Depth: 44mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 38mm (outside); 23mm (inside)
  • Net weight: 40g

This pipe is supplied as is, without a box or outside packaging of its own. We'll package the pipe with sufficient protection to ensure safety in transit. If extra packaging is required, contact us.

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The Savinelli Menta 412 is a sturdy Dublin pipe. It has a smooth finish with a dark ruby stain and is fitted with a creamy acrylic stem and a fishtail mouthpiece, and takes 9mm filters. The briar boasts a pleasant mint scent. Along with a tea-strainer-like windscreen, a pack of 5 additional wood filters is also included.