Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

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  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Blend
  • ABV: 40%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl
  • Distillery: Bushmills

From The Notorious Conor McGregor himself, here's a new entry to the Irish whiskey scene. It's a triple-distilled blend of malt and grain whiskey. Sweet on the nose, with floral, fruity and almond notes. The sweetness doesn't translate to the palate, however, so you can expect more of bitter caramel and nuttiness. The finish is of a charred oak character, with a bit of a burn. These features make it a good choice for mixing, or serving over something sweet.

Tasting notes:
Nose: Vanilla Pod, Floral Barley, and a touch of Sandalwood.

Palate: Orchard Fruit and Honey, Vanilla, and a Kick of White Pepper.

Finish: Dry Oak with a hint of Caramel to Finish.