Lakeview Single Estate - Coming of Age Edition 2

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  • Country of Produce: Ireland
  • Whiskey Type: Single Pot Still
  • ABV: 46%
  • Bottle Volume: 70cl
  • Distillery: Great Northern Distillery

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Wayward Irish Spirits presents the second edition of their Lakeview Single Estate Coming of Age Release, writing the next chapter of the first Pot Still Irish Whiskey from their Estate Barley.

This new release proudly showcases the special maturation conditions of their 300-year-old stone bonded Storehouse, The House of Contentment. The damp and very changeable Irish weather increases the interaction between the spirit and the casks, therefore enhancing maturation. 

Owing to this Maturation Terroir, many are saying that Lakeview Single Estate is mature beyond its age.

Lakeview Single Estate boasts a stunning deep gold colour, cherries on the nose, a rich honeyed taste and a long finish with a hint of smoke.

Tasting notes:
Nose: Cherry on the nose.

Palate: Rich and honeyed.

Finish: Long, warm and a hint of smoke.