FMG Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer - Round

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This device will measure and record temperature and humidity in your humidor (also suitable for medicine and food storage).


  • Min. & max. memory check
  • Memory clean and ºC / ºF temperature conversion
  • Blue backlight
  • Panel mount (compatible with magnetic fixtures)
  • Humidity measuring range: 10%~95% RH
  • Temperature measuring range: 32ºF~140ºF (0ºC~60ºC)
  • Accuracy: ±2ºF (±1ºC); ±3% RH (if between 30%~80% RH) or ±5% RH (outside of 30~80% RH range)
  • Powered by one CR2032 battery or externally by a Micro USB cable (not included)
  • Diameter: 60mm; Height: 16mm
  • Mount hole diameter: 57.7mm ~ 60mm
  • User manual included