Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day 2021 is coming soon (June 20th – at least here in Ireland, among other places). If you're shopping for a gift, have a look below at some of our suggestions.

    Gift Ideas

    Cuban Cigars

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    Gift sets & Samplers

    James J. Fox Cigar Case Gift Set James J. Fox Cigar Case Gift Set

    A set of cigar accessories from our own brand. It contains a Cigar Case, a Double-Blade Cigar Cutter, a Cigar Stand, and a Jet Lighter. Depending on your preference, you can order this set of accessories on its own, or include three Cuban cigars selected by us (Partagas Serie D No. 4, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 and Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill).

    Price: €69 (accessories only) or €140 (with 3 cigars)

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    Romeo y Julieta Cuban Cigar Sampler Romeo y Julieta Cigar Sampler

    The Romeo y Julieta Sampler contains a selection of four RyJ cigars in a variety of vitolas. An excellent gift idea for any cigar enthusiast or an option to get introduced to the marque.

    Price: €91.50

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    Cohiba Gift Box

    Cohiba Gift Box

    The Cohiba Gift Box is an excellent gift idea for any cigar enthusiast who enjoys top-quality Cuban smokes. It contains three Cuban cigars from Cohiba, as well as matching accessories (lighter & cutter).

    Price: €110

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    Dad not into Cohibas? See similar boxes by Montecristo (€99.50) and Romeo y Julieta (€93)!

    Mild- to medium-bodied cigars
    (recommended for new or occasional smokers)

    Quai D'Orsay No. 50 Cuban Cigar Quai D'Orsay No. 50

    This vitola will be familiar to those who smoked Partagas Serie D No. 5, though the Quai D'Orsay is definitely lighter and easier to smoke (Habanos classified it as light- to medium-bodied). Overall, a very good smoke that deserves to be tried.

    Price: €20.70 (single cigar) / €465 (25 cigars)

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    Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cuban Cigar Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2

    It is clean and crisp, a cigar we will recommend with confidence to smokers of any level. Its floral and fruity profile, along with the spicy touches, make it a great refreshing summer cigar, that would be the perfect match to a Chardonnay or a glass of Champagne.

    Price: €25.40 (single cigar) / €528 (25 cigars)

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    Trinidad Media Luna Cuban Cigar Trinidad Media Luna

    A petit robusto with a medium blend and a smooth sweet leathery flavour, the Trinidad Media Luna has beautiful light brown wrappers and the signature "pig-tail" head that is characteristic to all Trinidad cigars.

    Price: €26.80 (single cigar) / €304 (12 cigars)

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    Full-bodied cigars
    (recommended for more seasoned smokers)

    Bolivar Royal Corona Cuban Cigar Bolivar Royal Corona

    The Royal Corona is one of the smoother cigars in the Bolivar marca, with balanced flavours of earth, wood, spices and coffee. A perfect match to a warm summer evening!

    Price: €24.50 (single cigar) / €544 (25 cigars)

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    Partagás Serie D No. 4 Cuban Cigar Partagás Serie D No. 4

    A superb robusto, made by Partagas, the D No. 4 is the artillery of the brand! A beautiful stick, which comes with wrappers of all shades, that are all smooth and oily. Full bodied, with balanced flavours of wood and spice, the D4 is the delight of every serious cigar smoker.

    Price: €26.60 (single cigar) / €555 (25 cigars)

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    Cigar Accessories

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    Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter, Black Carbon

    This excellent V-Cut cutter penetrates up to 7mm into the cap and has a spring-loaded release. It fits securely in hand and looks absolutely spectacular with its black carbon finish.

    Price: €69.95

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    MONTECRISTO TRIANGULAR CIGAR ASHTRAY - 3 CIGARS Montecristo Triangular Cigar Ashtray (for 3 Cigars)

    An impressive porcelain cigar ashtray for 3 cigars, bearing the Montecristo logo. The triangular shape is a reference to the Montecristo logo and branding. Designed by Nelson Alfonso as official merchandise for Habanos S.A.

    Price: €99

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    CIGAR CASE FOR 3 CIGARS - PARTAGAS Partagás Cigar Case (for 3 Cigars)

    A great-looking and sturdy cigar case with Partagas branding, with room for three cigars up to 54 ring gauge. Comes in an elegant gift box with a Partagas logo. Part of an official accessory line, licensed by Habanos S.A.

    Price: €99.50

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    COHIBA BEHIKE MX LIGHTER & CUTTER SET Cohiba Behike MX Lighter & Cutter Set

    An attractive Lighter and Cutter set, made by Xikar under licence by Habanos S.A, this Cohiba Behike cutter & lighter set includes a classic Xi1 Xikar cutter and a single flame jet lighter branded with the Cohiba Behike colour theme. This set comes in an attractive gift box and is the perfect accessory for the cigar aficionado.

    Price: €170

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    Irish Whiskey

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    Gift Sets

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    Fercullen 14 Year Old Glass Gift Pack Fercullen 14 Year Old Glass Gift Pack

    This gift set includes a 20cl bottle of Fercullen 14 year old, a single malt that has been expertly distilled by Noel Sweeney and has matured in bourbon barrels, along with a Powerscourt branded Glencairn whiskey tasting glass.

    Price: €38.50

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    Midleton Single Pot Still Miniature Set Midleton Single Pot Still Miniature Set

    A brand new miniature set from Midleton that presents the whiskey drinker with the opportunity to sample the diverse flavour spectrum of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This style is characterised by full, complex flavours and a wonderful creamy mouthfeel.

    Price: €39.95

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    Individual Bottles


    A new Irish whiskey that has recreated the famous old brand once made at the old Jones' Road Distillery. This blended whiskey is comprised of five to ten year old whiskeys from three prominent Irish distilleries. Most ageing is done in first-fill bourbon casks.

    Price: €49.95

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    IRISHMAN FOUNDERS RESERVE GLASS SET The Irishman Founder's Reserve – Glass Gift Set

    This special, gift edition of The Irishman Founder's Reserve contains a full-size 70cl bottle and a set of two whiskey glasses, packed in an attractive gift box, ready to be wrapped and given to that special someone!

    Price: €50

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    FERCULLEN 13 YEAR OLD JAMES J. FOX SINGLE CASK Fercullen 13 Year Old James J. Fox Single Cask

    The Fercullen 13 Year Old Single Cask is the result of our collaboration with Powerscourt Distillery and their first ever commercial single cask release. A single grain, distilled in 2006 by Noel Sweeney and aged entirely in ex-bourbon barrels for 13+ years, the Fercullen 13 Year Old Single Cask is bottled at a 57.1%.

    Price: €140

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    TEELING RENAISSANCE SERIES 3 Teeling Renaissance Series 3

    The Renaissance Series 3 consists of 18 Year Old Single Malt that was aged initially in ex-Bourbon barrels before being finished in high quality, ex-Muscat wine casks, imparting hints of fresh apricot and mango with fresh citrus and apple notes, and a delicate soft finish.

    Price: €150

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    Cuban Rum

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    RON ARECHA DORADO Ron Arecha Dorado

    The Arecha Rum Dorado was made from mild Cuban sugar cane and matured for three to five years after distillation in barrels made from Californian oak. This complex, amber-coloured rum has a very distinctive aromatic profile.

    Price: €35

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    SANTIAGO DE CUBA 12 YEAR OLD Santiago de Cuba 12 Year Old

    The Santiago de Cuba 12 Year Old Extra Anejo is a complex dry and light rum, rumoured to have been Fidel Castro's favourite rum. Deep reddish brown in colour, with an unmistakable "Cuban" nose, the Santiago 12 year old is sweet with some spicy notes. A superb, light sipping rum.

    Price: €75

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    RON VIGIA 18 YEAR OLD Ron Vigia 18 Year Old

    Ron Vigia 18 Year Old Gran Reserva is a Cuban rum from Bodega Vigia that has been aged for a minimum of 18 years in ex-bourbon casks. Ron Vigia takes its name from the residence of Ernest Hemingway in Havana, La Vinca Vigia. Only 4,500 bottles of the Vigia 18 Year Old are produced every year and it's not one of the Cuban rums you will stumble across very often.

    Price: €115

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    HAVANA CLUB 15 YEAR OLD GRAN RESERVA Havana Club 15 Year Old Gran Reserva

    A superior bottle in the Havana Club range, the 15-year-old Gran Reserva has been matured in old oak barrels and be easily considered a true classic Cuban rum.

    Price: €205

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    June 11, 2021